Hear Me Cum

Hear Me Cum

Listen to me masturbate and hear me cum. Sometimes it is just nice to sit back and listen as a pretty girl describes how she is touching herself. As the orgasm approaches, the excitement increases, breathing heavier working toward that delicious climax.

This recording is short 11 minutes. I did pretty good ;) It was a fast decision to make this recording and at first I was going to scrap it, feeling a little embarrassed that I had recording my climax but after hearing what people have to say about it, I am very glad I kept it. I hope you enjoy listening to it with the same vigor I had making it.

This is not a story. There is no teasing. The beginning is me turning myself on, and everything getting more heated as I reach climax. I am rather vocal. You will notice when you hear me cum. There is no background music or sound effects. It is just me and every now and again you hear my vibrator making those delicious noises.

The recording is 12$ to purchase or 1.50$/minute as a recorded listing through niteflirt. Pick your poison as it were. Enjoy!


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Hear Me Cum — 2 Comments

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  2. This is great to listen to with headphones and eyes closed and visualizing yourself in the moment. Tatianna is cumming for YOU. And you will cum to. Very sexy – sultry voice and hearing here moaning……nuff said.

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